Tigey and the Teacup


Chi was restless as he cuddles his favourite toys. Tigey and the teacup drift into the night sky on a beam of moonlight to search for dreams hiding in the space between the starlight.

A bedtime story of a night-time adventure.

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"Hmmm," thought Tigey as he climbed aboard the teacup, eyes half closed. Tigey wished he could catch some dreams for Chi from the deepspaces between the starlight. That is where all good dreams are kept.

Balancing on the edge of the rainbow was a small circle glowing with colour. Tigey grabbed the teacup handle and swished around to scoop it up.

"Wow," thought Tigey. The cup was brimming with little moons reflecting smiles and happiness. He knew it would be perfect for tonight's sleep.

Chi was awake when Tigey and the teacup whizzed between the curtains and joined the moonlight on the bed. Tigey smiled as he poured the cup over Chi's tousled hair and gently placed his head on the pilloey, tucking him under the blanket without a sound. They drifted into a dream-filled sleep.

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