In Nan’s Garden


As urban sprawl creeps into bushland and habitat is replaced by houses, nan’s rambling garden provides shelter for wildlife.

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Sample Pages

Drawing of a black bird bathing in a birdbath. Writing says "In nan's garden, the trees are waves rolling in the wind. The garden is sheltered and warm. Blackbirds are waiting to welcome the morning. Bees dance in the nectar."

Drawing of a large frog with rain falling on it. Writing says "In nan's garden the cool plops of rain bring an orchestra from their hideaways, glinting."

Drawing of a possum and an echidna. Writing says "Possums scurry from their hollows. Echidna waddle away. Wallabies scatter, tails thumping."

Drawing of birds standing among flowers. Writing says "Wattlebirds and wood pigeons rest."

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