New Book and New Website

Screen capture of website with the title "Sharon J Yaxley" and heading "Shop". The colours are white and yellow. The shop contains book cover pages.

Welcome. You may have arrived here looking Dunstan and Theodore, and the books of their adventures on their website.

Screen capture of website with the heading "Dunstan and Theodore" and four book covers on a white background with a mountain range along the bottom.

Or possibly you were looking for Sea Monsters, a book of photographs to stir the imagination?

Screen capture of website with the heading "Sea Monsters" and one book cover, with a dark blue background and ocean waves along the bottom.

All of these books are now here on the one site, and may be found in the Shop. They are joined by my new book, In Nan’s Garden.

This site will post about markets where you may find these books, school visits, and photographs from Nan’s Garden…

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